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Maternal Health Innovations: Advancing Lifesaving Technologies to Reduce Maternal Mortality

March 2013 – Merck for Mothers is pleased to announce that we are co-hosting a webinar on April 10, 2013 with PATH, an NGO leader in product innovation for global health.

The webinar will discuss the importance of advancing innovations with the greatest potential to save women's lives during pregnancy and childbirth. PATH will demonstrate its technology assessment tool, which can help innovators, funders, and others evaluate maternal health innovations in various stages of development. They will also introduce findings from their year-long assessment.

Panelists include: Dr. Priya Agrawal, Executive Director, Merck for Mothers; Claudia Harner-Jay, Senior Commercialization Officer, PATH; and Tara Herrick, Commercialization Officer/Analytics, PATH.