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We are providing transformational and sustainable solutions focused on improving the quality of maternal healthcare women receive at a health facility and increasing women's access to family planning.





Women with improved access to affordable, quality care and modern contraception

Our Work

Merck for Mothers, known as MSD for Mothers outside of the United States and Canada, has more than 50 projects in more than 30 countries around the world. Our major programs are based in five countries: India, Senegal, Uganda, the U.S., and Zambia, where our goal is to test innovative models that expand women's access to affordable, quality care with the potential to be scaled and sustained. Additionally, in 2012 we launched the Global Giving Program—our corporate grants initiative through which our offices around the world can support eligible nonprofits working to improve maternal health—designed to be responsive to local needs and extend our reach in many more countries across the globe.

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Research and Evaluation

We are committed to measuring our work – whether it's collecting data on our impact or finding evidence that leads us in a new direction. We're supporting research and evaluation to help assess our progress, tell us what's working – and, just as important, what's not – and contribute important learnings to advance the maternal health field and help save more women's lives.

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Helping Ensure Safe Childbirth in Our Own Backyard
A letter from Dr. Priya Agrawal - September 2015

Learning as We Go
A letter from Dr. Naveen Rao - May 2015

Lessons Learned from Working with the Local Private Health Sector in Maternal Health
A letter from Dr. Priya Agrawal - May 2015

Who Cares for Women?

New research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine reveals that a considerable proportion of women seek maternal care from private health providers. Often overlooked, private doctors, nurses and midwives provide about 40% of antenatal care, delivery care and family planning services. We are committed to helping ensure that women have access to affordable, high quality services wherever they seek care.

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Heat-Stable Carbetocin: A New Gold Standard for Saving Mother's Lives?

Every day, more than 220 women around the world die from severe bleeding after childbirth (post-partum hemorrhage) . Globally, post-partum hemorrhage is the number one direct cause of maternal mortality. Most of these tragic deaths can be prevented if women have timely access to a skilled health provider and a well-equipped health facility. Yet, even the most capable health provider may not be able to save a woman's life if they don't have high-quality medicines readily available.

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