Addressing maternal health needs during COVID-19: A note from Merck for Mothers

March 2020

The novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) is transforming daily life around the globe. Despite the challenges, our commitment to helping end preventable maternal mortality remains as strong as ever.

We want to thank everyone for the efforts they are making to combat and slow the global pandemic. A challenge of this nature requires all of us to bring inventive thinking and innovative action to how we work to make pregnancy and childbirth safer and healthier for women across the globe. At Merck for Mothers, we are working closely with our grantees and collaborators to support their vital work.

As health systems around the world ramp up emergency preparedness and interventions to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are hearing inspiring stories about how our collaborators are nimbly adapting to help all who are pregnant and are new mothers have what they need during this challenging time.

We also want to want to commend and thank everyone on the front lines of care for your essential efforts.

Thank you.

The Team from Merck for Mothers

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