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Improving Maternal Health and Promoting Health Equity with New Grants

With the announcement of a fifth round of Global Grants, Merck for Mothers is helping to increase health equity in maternity care with nine new programs in Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Europe, each tailored to the region’s unique needs.

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Expanding Safer Childbirth Cities to Improve U.S. Maternal Health Equity

Merck for Mothers has awarded grants to organizations in nine additional U.S. cities with a high burden of maternal mortality. Learn more about our vision for cities to become safer – and more equitable – places to give birth.

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Generating Evidence for Impact for Mothers and Beyond

Accelerating progress to reduce maternal mortality requires innovation in developing & delivering lifesaving interventions, analysis of what works & what doesn’t and dissemination of results so we can act on solutions and enact positive change for women.

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Implementing Innovative Solutions for Maternal Health at Scale

Private health providers play a vital role in maternal health; however, there are barriers to integrating them into health systems. Watch a discussion, co-hosted by Merck for Mothers and Devex, that gives solutions to these challenges.

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